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JAN 19THLASIK Surgery Seminar 6:30PM
JAN 23RDCommunity Lecture: Aging Eyes 7PM with Dr. Anand Bhatt
JAN 27THCommunity Lecture: Aging Eyes 3:00PM with Dr. Anand Bhatt
MAR 6THCommunity Lecture: Diabetes 7:00PM with Dr. Mitul Mehta
MAR 16THLASIK Surgery Seminar 6:30PM
MAY 15THCommunity Lecture: Dry Eyes 7:00PM with Dr. Sam Garg
MAY 18THLASIK Surgery Seminar 6:30PM
SEP 18THCommunity Lecture: Plastics 7:00PM with Dr. Jeremiah Tao
NOV 6THCommunity Lecture: Pediatrics 7:00PM with Dr. Kailey Marshall